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May, 2023

Image caption: apple maggot trap

OLYMPIA – The Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) has kicked off its annual campaign to protect the environment and the state's agricultural industry by identifying and monitoring potential pests. With a focus on more than 130 invasive pests and diseases, the WSDA is deploying numerous traps throughout the state.

Eradication measures are already in progress and will continue until June, with an estimated 25,000 traps set this summer. The WSDA is actively encouraging residents to report any suspected hornet sightings and has provided public instructions on hornet trapping available on their website. The current period marks the activity of northern giant hornet queens, offering an opportunity to observe their nest-building activities.

Public reports have proven instrumental in identifying over half of Washington's confirmed hornet sightings. While all reports are appreciated, visual evidence such as a photo or specimen is required for proper confirmation.

For decades, the WSDA has remained committed to monitoring invasive pests that pose a significant threat to the region's agriculture and environment. By combining their trapping efforts with public reporting, the WSDA has successfully prevented the establishment of invasive pests like the Citrus Downy Moth and Citrus Longhorn Beetle in Washington, effectively safeguarding trees, forests, parks, farms, and gardens.

Washington state department of agriculture

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