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Center for Latino Farmers

Vizions established the Center for Latino Farmers in 2001 to assist minority, beginning and other small farmers and ranchers by providing access to the low-interest direct loans from USDA’s Farmers Service Agency (FSA). VIZIONS helps applicants qualify for FSA loans by demonstrating their ability to repay the loan and provide sufficient collateral to fully secure the loan. FSA offers loans to purchase livestock, equipment and feed; engage in conservation measures; and refinance debt. Farm Ownership Loans of up to $400,000 can be obtained to purchase farmland, construct or repair buildings and other fixtures, and promote soil and water conservation. Up to $200,000 is available for operating loans to cover payroll, supplies, feed, repairs, materials, etc. An additional $200,000 can also be borrowed to purchase equipment. VIZIONS helps the applicants package their loan applications after completing financial counseling and technical assistance.

Population(s) Served. Farmers Self-employed people

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